Elizabeth Marcolini


I’m Elizabeth Marcolini, budding entrepreneur, travel addict, and professional dreamer. I’m married to a super handsome, hilarious husband who is my number one fan. I’ve been planning events since I could put my plastic tea party sets to good use.


I love white roses, pretty much always have Frank Sinatra on the radio, and believe that La Croix is in its own category of amazing. I’ve traveled to 34 countries, am still counting, and continually growing on the journey.

Maybe you’re like me when I say that balance is a foreign word and that I’m more familiar with progress, not perfection.

Managing a full time job with travel demands, a Beautycounter business, a blog, and other growing business projects has its moments, my friends, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This life is a gift and I want to be in love with the whole of it - the messy bits, the broken pieces, and the gorgeous moments of pure bliss - because it is all a gift.


About The Gathering Guide

The idea for The Gathering Guide hit me on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it was the perfect combination of champagne and reflection, but two things struck me - that whenever we look back on our life (I’m looking at you NYE!) we are much more likely to remember moments and that most of us could do a better job of intentionally creating those moments in our lives. I wanted to build a community that would help people create the ‘do you remember when…’ smile on your face type of moments, a site that didn’t just talk about living, but instead helped you make the memories that build a life.