How to Prep the One Room All Guests Will Use

If you are having guests over, no matter the duration of the visit, odds are that they will be using one room in your house at least once: Your Bathroom.

Whether it’s your personal bathroom or a guest bathroom, here are a few, simple tips to freshen up your bathroom in under 5 minutes...

  • Towels.

    • Switch Out the Hand Towels. All of your guests will be touching these, so do this to make sure the towels aren’t dirty, wet, or stained

  • Candle.

    • Light a candle. Takes two seconds and it changes the whole ambiance of the bathroom, making it feel cozy and like you thought to prepare for your guests.

  • Products.

    • Stash stray products on the counter and put them in a bin under the sink. As much as guests want to see your antacids and spot treatment cream, let’s keep the mystery alive.

  • Toilet Paper.

    • Make sure there is an extra roll or two of toilet paper handy. No one wants to have that conversation with their host!

  • Plunger.

    • Double check that the toilet plunger is in the bathroom. This is a gritty one, my friends, but a real one. I’ve had a guest ask me before for one and I felt horrible that I had not thought to leave one in there.

  • Soap.

    • Double check that there’s enough soap in the dispenser. You don’t want your guests looking through your drawers to try and find soap.

  • Clean.

    • Do a quick, one minute wipe down of the toilet and sink. I leave a spray bottle of cleaning product and some paper towels under my sink so that they’re within easy reach. It also makes it easier for cleaning in general.

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