Why A 'Guest Box' Is A Must Have

One of my all time favorite host tips for having guests who spend the night is to create a ‘Guest Box.’ The goal for this box is to contain some basic items that you want to have on hand so that you’re already prepared for when a guest comes into town.

In full disclosure, this idea came about because I was so tired of running around and wondering ‘Why are none of our towels and sheets clean or unstained?! Are we animals?!’ Real moments, my friends.

So the Guest Box was born - no stress, no fuss.

I use a clear, plastic bin with a lid that is labeled ‘Guest Box’ (literally) on the side. Foolproof.  

If you have a designated guest room, this box can easily be stored in the guest room closet. I keep ours in a spare closet.

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Here’s a list of what I keep on hand in this box. Feel free to add to this list or subtract - this is meant to be a list of suggestions, not a list of requirements.

Guest Box Items

  1. Clean Sheets. These should fit your guest bed, air mattress, or couch. Preferably white so that your guests feel like they’re fresh and clean.

  2. Two Pillows. Only store these if you don’t have a designated guest room and you use an air mattress or couch for guests. I store mine in a vacuum roll bag so they don’t take up a ton of space.

  3. Clean Towels. Once again, white towels give a feeling of cleanliness (stains can’t hide!).

  4. Wifi Info. A small, framed note that has your wifi network and password. I put this on the nightstand in the guest room.

Pro-Point Guest Box Items

These are next level items to keep in your guest box - aka make your guests feel like they’re at a 5-Star hotel. If you do these things, I’m sending a round of applause for you (and I also want to come and stay in your guest room.)

  1. Bath Robes. I bought two, white robes from Amazon. They were very affordable and, better yet, are soft and easily washed.

  2. Toiletries. I keep a plastic bag filled with lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I put this in the guest bathroom in a little basket for guests in case they forgot anything at home.

  3. Bottled Water. Stash a couple bottles in the box and set them on the vanity in the bathroom or on the nightstand.

  4. Snacks. I love to have cute, local snacks to leave on the bed as a welcome gift. These can be simple and sweet, the key is the thoughtfulness.  

  5. Slippers. Once again, Amazon find. I buy disposable, white slippers like you’d find in a hotel (the ones I found were a few dollars a set). It’s a small touch, but the one people seem to appreciate and comment on the most.

  6. Blank Cards. Keep a pack of cards on hand so that you can write a little note welcoming guests to your home. Leave it on the bed with the welcome snacks!

The best part of all of this is that if you take the time to round up these details and corral them into a box, I can guarantee two things:

  • Having an overnight guest will become so much easier

  • The love you poured into welcoming your guests will not be wasted

Make the gatherings in your home beautifully memorable, generously preempting the needs of your guests, even if it just means leaving fresh towels and bottles of water on their bed.

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