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How Asking Hard Questions Brought Me Joy

Go deep, friends. Seek the truth; seek what is permanent; seek what is real. Don’t be afraid of answering hard questions! Be afraid of being a human that lives without anchor or destination. Be afraid of never taking the time to discern the most real things about this world. Be afraid of never having the courage to handle what may lie on the other side of the biggest questions.

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Why Is Personal Growth Important For Creating Memories?

I began an intentional journey to really work on personal growth a year ago. I reached a point where I was hungry for growth. I wanted to challenge myself to become the best version of myself. I’m still learning about what the best version of me looks like, but the point is – I’m chasing that version of myself, not sitting on the sidelines of my life. And I want that for you too!

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Gathering Moments, Part II

Many of our memories are made when we gather. Whether it’s with one friend on that once in a lifetime road trip or with a hundred people at your surprise 30th birthday party. Our hope is to provide a little inspiration and guidance as you gather people together.

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