Why Is Personal Growth Important For Creating Memories?

If you’re at all like some of my family and friends, when I wrote my second blog post on the four areas this blog would primarily be focusing on – all with the intention of leading meaningful lives, filled with intentional moments – you may have thought, ‘I’m with you, girl – welcoming homes, fun events, and travel help us create community and memories! But wait, personal growth?! Why does that even matter?! I thought this was going to be a blog focused on all the pretty things, why are we dipping our toe into growth?!’

personal growth.png

I hear you. So let me explain.

I began an intentional journey to really work on personal growth a year ago. And when I say personal growth, I don’t just mean reading a few inspirational pins on Pinterest or trying a few new workout regimes (not that there is anything wrong with either of those things – I’m all for Pinspiration!). I reached a point where I was hungry for growth. I wanted to challenge myself to become the best version of myself.

What does this look like practically? Well, for me, it’s been the creation of numerous, small, daily habits that have built up to create significant change in my life. I’ll dive into more of the details in later blogs, but some of the habit shifts have been following a daily routine, writing down my goals every day, changing the language in my head to shift my negative perspectives, and so many other habits.

I will be the first to admit I am still on this journey! I always will be. I have days when Netflix wins out, negative emotions dominate my heart, or I eat a burrito instead of a salad.

Has this journey been easy? Definitely not! Growth is challenging, my friends! But in the best of ways.

I’m still learning about what the best version of me looks like, but the point is – I’m chasing that version of myself, not sitting on the sidelines of my life. And I want that for you too!

So why does this matter? Why does it apply to gathering memories?

Because I firmly believe that to live the life you were intended for, a life that’s filled with purpose, you must be chasing that better version of yourself. Period.

To fully live in the present moment, to intentionally dream of the life you’re called to, and strive to create the thousands of daily habits that transform us from complacent to high achievers – this is important to our life.

And you guessed it. The way we live our days, if we have a positive self image, and so many other details revolving around personal growth inform our experiences in this life!

Picture yourself in the most beautiful place on planet earth, surrounded by the people you love most in the world, at a beautiful party for YOU. (Close your eyes for a second, are you with me? I’m definitely picturing a castle in Ireland or a villa in Italy…)

Ok. Now picture yourself feeling insecure. Wounded. Comparing yourself to others. Lacking confidence or security. All of the other magnificent aspects of that scene sort of melt away, don’t they?

Now, go back to that place. Picture yourself feeling confident, intentional, and filled with hope. You have authentic relationships, rooted in trust, and healthy communication. You are brave, peaceful, and know how to live in the present, work for your dreams, and surrender the results.  

Now that is a powerful memory.

I want that for you. It’s so possible, my sweet friend.

Let’s grow and work together to chase the best versions of ourselves and gather some amazing memories along the way.