Gathering Moments, Part I

I recently heard Jessie Itzler say on a podcast interview that we should measure life in terms of moments. This thought stood out to me and the more I thought about it, the more I saw the wisdom in his words.

I thought about my grandma who’s 93 – if we’re blessed to have her with us until she’s 100 and she lives seven more years, for me - like for most of us – that’s not seven more years of life with grandma. If I see her two times a year for a few days, that’s only fourteen visits.

Take a second.

Think about someone you love SO much. Whether it’s your best friend or your mom or an old teacher or your husband. Even if you see this person every day!

Then I want you to think about the last time you created a memory with them, truly shared with them, experienced something beautiful together, or laughed so hard together your sides hurt.

For a lot of us, picturing a memory that powerful may be difficult, maybe it’s from a long time ago, or maybe there just aren’t that many that stand out from the rest.

Gathering Moments Part 1.jpg

Now let me say that I’m right there with you! As much as I love a good Netflix night in with my hubby or another girl’s wine night, sometimes they have a tendency to blur together.

And we have to ask ourselves, are we really creating meaning meaningful memories or just passing our time in this life? Because as I realized when thinking about moments with my grandma, if time is precious, intentional moments are the rarest treasures of all.

So how do we create meaningful connections with each other? How do we build authentic community where people are known and truly loved? How do we make those bring a huge grin to your face or a surge of emotion in your stomach type memories?! How do we look back at those moments with those we love and have the warmth of nostalgia wash over us and take us right back to that happy scene?!

If these questions have you saying ‘yes, girl, I want to make memories like that! I want a community that’s strong and authentic! I want the scrapbook of my life to be a page turning epic of joy and tears detailing a life lived to the fullest!’

If you want to a live life filled with beauty and intentionality and enthusiasm and ridiculous joy, creating a treasure trove of priceless moments, this blog is for you.

Welcome to The Gathering Guide, friend.

Settle in, grab a blanket and a cup of tea – we’re going to be answering these questions and so many more together.

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