Gathering Moments, Part II

A few days ago we set out on a journey to begin creating lives that measure moments, not time.

Now, I’ll tell you where this thought exercise should not lead – to a fear mentality or thoughts of scarcity. It is true that we tend to value what is scarce – whether it’s time or jewels. And scarcity sometimes has a way of putting things into perspective. However, that doesn’t mean we need to live in fear of that scarcity. Rather, by looking at timing as scarce, we can better appreciate what we do have!

I believe that we ought to live with a mindset of abundance and gratitude, not ‘penny pinching’ and counting our moments like they’re slipping through our fingers. That attitude won’t help us to be authentically present when the moments come and to enjoy the life we’ve been given.

How do we intentionally create moments with those we love so that we can authentically begin to see our life unfold in terms of experiences shared and not years lived?

It’s like that old cliché goes, “It’s not the amount of years in your life, it’s about the life in your years.” (Matt, my husband, who hates clichés – admits that there are often seeds of wisdom in them and this one is no exception!)

Gathering Moments Part 2.jpg

So friends, how do we gather moments?

(In full disclosure, I created this blog to answer that question, so there is not a quick and easy answer to this – I will continually be dreaming up new ways to make beautiful memories and sharing them with you here!)

I believe everyone wants to look back on the ‘scrapbook of their life’ with joy, recollecting on an uncountable number of happy moments gathered and stored in our hearts.

Life moments come from so many places, but as I looked on some of the universal experiences as to where we experience love and make most of our happy memories, four areas stood out: it’s in our celebrations, our homes, our travel, and through our personal growth.

So this blog will primarily focus on these three elements: how to inspire priceless memories through…

·     Meaningful, beautiful events

·     A welcoming, warm, and lovely home

·    Unforgettable travel + adventure ideas

·     Personal growth + the pursuit of our dreams

In summary, so many of our memories are made when we gather. Whether it’s with one friend on that once in a lifetime road trip or with a hundred people at your surprise 30th birthday party. Our hope is to provide a little inspiration and guidance as you gather people together.

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