3 Ways to Connect on Summer Vacation

With so many people taking time to retreat and reconnect with those they love, we wanted to provide a few ways to connect with those you love when you’re on vacation - whether you’re at home on a staycation or at the beach with your 72 cousins!

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1. Experience Together

    • Plan fun activities to share as a family - whether you’re making homemade gelato, finding shells on the beach, or jet skiing. Vacations shouldn’t be over-planned, but they should be memorable.

    • I always recommend that people plan for one activity a day - even if it’s a small one (like playing board games together) - to encourage connection. Try and find a mix of activities that allow you to be at home, relaxing, and ones that encourage you to explore and adventure together.

    • Activities where you’re experiencing or enjoying something out of the usual encourage connection!

2. Ask Questions

    • This is often a daunting or awkward idea for some couples or families, but it doesn’t need to be. The earlier on your introduce the idea of intentional questions in your relationship or with your kids, the more effortless and natural it will feel to broach deep or thoughtful conversations.

    • If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are a few resources with lists of innovative questions:

      • Questions for Your Spouse: Here. Here.

      • Questions for Kiddos: Here. Here.  

      • Questions for Family/Friends: Here.

    • You can spark conversations based on these questions in so many scenarios - on a date night during your vacation, on a walk on the beach, or over popsicles on the porch with your kids.

    • Fun Idea: Write down the answers of your kiddos, especially if they’re young! Save them in a memory box or in a special journal.

3. Break from Technology.

    • If you’re taking a vacation, connection so readily happens when distractions are limited to none. While everyone loves having their phones for pictures and communication, I promise it’ll be worth it to ‘ban’ technology during intentional times.

    • Whether you do a whole day without technology as a family (highly recommend that!) or have a basket everyone puts their phones in after a certain time of day, try to limit the distractions from your phones and devices.   

Hope you’re all having beautiful summers, filled with moments of joy and connection!

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