Inspiration For Your 2019 Summer Bucket List

If you know me, you know that I have several running lists all at once. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that if bucket lists had groupies, I’d be right there with the fan t-shirt.

I’ll write more about broader bucket or ‘life lists’ in the future, but in the meantime, I wanted to encourage all of you to create a summer bucket list!

I’d highly recommend writing it or printing it and hanging it on a wall or board where everyone can see it. Whether you complete your list on your own, with your friends, with your spouse, with your kiddos, or with all of the above - this list is sure to make the summertime even sweeter, filled with special moments, and full of memories.


Here are 15 ideas to inspire your 2019 summer bucket list.

Feel free to add and personalize this to your own family, region of the country, and travel plans!

  1. Make Homemade Ice Cream.

  2. Have A Squirtgun or Water Balloon Fight.

  3. Take a Sunday Drive.

  4. Sleep Outside.

  5. Sing Songs + Make S’mores by a Campfire.

  6. Have a Picnic.

  7. Grow Something.

  8. Spend a Day By the Water (Beach, River, Lake, etc.).

  9. Pick Produce at a Local Farm or Farmers Market.

  10. Make a Fruity, Fresh Summer Cocktail with Friends.

  11. Take a Weekend Trip.

  12. Write a Short Story or Poem.

  13. Make Jam with Fresh Fruit.

  14. Fly a Kite.

  15. Catch Fireflies.

Let us know what you’re adding to your summer bucket list! Here’s to making memories in the sunshine!

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