Living One Last, Full Summer Day

As the summer draws to a close, it can be all too easy to be caught up in the dash towards the first day of school. Between buying new clothes, school supply runs, meetings at the school, etc. - there is a lot going on! But here, we’d like to encourage you to pick a day, close to the start of school if possible, and set all of that aside. Take the day off and enjoy one last, full summer day. 

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If you have kids, intentionally communicate to them that you are taking the day off to be with themI Build up the day to your kids as a special family outing to enjoy summertime with them before they’re back in school. Not only will they feel special and loved, the anticipation will make the event even more exciting to them! 

If you don’t have kids, do this with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends! Have a special day to say farewell to summer days. Soak in those last rays of sunshine together! 

So, what should you do on this last summer day? 

For starters, look back at the bucket list you made at the beginning of summer (if you didn’t start one based on the list we made you can find the original post here). If there is something you’ve been dying to do during the summer, but still haven’t done, now is the perfect time. 

Here is our suggested list of summer highlights to end these sweet days on a happy note:

  • Go to the beach or a lake, if you’re within driving distance of one.

  • Eat an ice cream cone in the sunshine. 

  • Kayak or do some sort of water sport. 

  • Spend time at your local pool.

  • Dine al fresco or pack a picnic. 

  • Cut up cold watermelon and savor its summer sweetness. 

  • If you’re feeling fancy, go out on a sailboat. 

  • Sleep outside and look at the stars.

  • Read a great beach novel somewhere lovely. 

  • Have a seafood bake.

Share the happenings from this summer that you feel grateful for. Look at pictures from your adventures over the last few months. There is so much to be grateful for!

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