The Key To Planning Your Dream Getaway (Hint: It Doesn't Involve Money)

If you love to travel, odds are that you have one or two dream destinations on your list. Maybe it’s to scuba dive in the Maldives, hike the Appalachian Trail, ride a camel in Egypt, try salt water taffy at Cape Cod, or eat macaroons in Paris.

Whatever it is, I encourage you to begin planning it with this one, simple key.

In short, the key to planning your dream getaway is to decide that you are going to prioritize going on this trip.


You might be thinking ‘Sure, right. But who’s gonna pay for it? Or watch my kids? Or plan it?! It’s unrealistic!’

The reality is, if you never make it a goal or a priority, it will seem unrealistic. But if you make that dream trip one of your goals and decide that it will happen, then it becomes inevitable, not unattainable.

This is not to say that your dream trip to Rome, Lake Tahoe, or New York City will happen next week if you decide to do it (maybe it will - if so, that’s amazing!). Planning and saving for this trip may take several months or several years.

You’ll be amazed at how you’ll find the funds in your budget, even if it’s saved little by little every month and means you have to pass up other little luxuries. But again, the key to finding the resources is to decide to save for the trip in the first place.

If you feel you need to be flush with excess cash to travel, you won’t prioritize traveling because most people don’t feel such a huge financial cushion for most of their life. This doesn’t mean that you should be reckless with spending - I understand that there truly are moments when planning a trip is imprudent. Who I’m speaking to here are people who live comfortably and, with a simple mindset shift, could set aside the necessary funds to make their dream trip happen.

Life passes us quickly, my friends. Don’t miss the moments by saying ‘we’ll take that family vacation next year.’

Dream big and live large. Take the trip!

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