Why Spontaneity Matters When You Travel

Here’s how you know this topic is important to me: I am a planner. Writing about the need for spontaneity.

I love putting together travel itineraries, researching the very best restaurants, finding great flight deals, and reading through dozens of blogs to find hidden, local gems to explore. That brings me joy and fills me with anticipation for the travel to come.

If that resonates with you, friend, I get you. We should swap travel tip documents (I know you have them!).

But maybe you’re not like me - maybe you naturally have that easy, breezy sense of ‘we’ll figure it out when we get there.’ If you are, this post reaffirms why your travel style is so important when making memories!


When I think back on some of my favorite travel stories, so many of them have to do with the unexpected. That time in college when I got on a train with fellow classmates I didn’t know and came back as fast friends – that is a great memory. That time Matt and I got stuck at an airport in Iceland because I booked the rental car at the wrong place, not so funny at the time, but now it’s a memory we laugh at.

The point is, you have these stories too!

When the unexpected, beautiful, or sometimes stressful moments happen in your travel – approach it with a spirit of adventure. Because remember, adventures involve a heck of a lot of spontaneity and improvisation! No adventurer ever discovered new lands by keeping to a perfectly timed itinerary. They have a map, a plan, and a course – but there are detours along the way. Embrace all the ‘life’ that happens along the way in your adventures because those moments may end up being some of the best of all.

So carve out free time during your travels, say hello to locals, walk through a city without a destination, find the funny story in your travel mishaps, keep your phone in your bag, and look up. Be spontaneous. You’ll be amazed at the adventures that lay waiting for you.

To all of you spontaneous travelers out there, we salute you. You’re adding wonder and a true sense of adventure into your travels. In small ways, we all hope to be a little bit more like you.

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