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We’re here to inspire you to create meaningful memories and live an intentional life through beautiful events, a welcoming home, traveling, and personal growth.



Hello there! Since I was a little girl hosting glamorous mud pie tea parties in the backyard, I’ve loved to gather people together, dream up a beautiful event, and create lasting memories.

Gathering memories has been a passion of mine ever since.

My hope is to provide a little inspiration when it comes to intentionally bringing people together for an event, creating a beautiful, healthy home, planning travel adventures, and growing into the best version of yourself.

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Do You Want to be a Warm, Welcoming, + Confident Host?

  • Do you know how to prepare your home for guests?

  • Is planning a meal for a gathering a challenge?

  • Does decorating a table intimidate you?



The Gathering Guide exists to inspire the creation of memories…

Meaningful, beautiful events

A welcoming, warm, + lovely home

Unforgettable travels + adventure ideas

Personal growth + the pursuit of our dreams